Bata Limited is a multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. A family-owned business, the company is organized into three business units: Bata, Bata Industrials and AW Lab.

The company has a retail presence of over 5,300 shops in more than 70 countries and production facilities in 18 countries.

The T. & A. Baťa Shoe Company was founded on 24 August 1894 in the Moravian town of Zlín , Austria -Hungary (today the Czech Republic ) by Tomáš Baťa (Czech : [ˈtoma ːʃ ˈbaca ]), his brother Antonín and his sister Anna , whose family had been cobblers for generations. The company employed 10 full-time employees with a fixed work schedule and a regular weekly wage, a rare find in its time.

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