RETAIL: Since 2014, SOHO has been one of the fastest growing operators of concept retail stores that focuses on fashion clothing and accessories, footwear, jewelry and watches. The company's target demographic are Cambodian teens, young men and women aged 16 - 35 and emerging middle class families who are interested in brands that are well known, stylish and affordable.

FOOD: Established in 2015, the SOHO Diversified Group Food division invests in and operates successful and popular restaurant chains from all over the world. The company's flagship brand under this division is Bonchon, a Korean Fried Chicken restaurant chain based in New York City, New York with over 250+ locations worldwide.

DISTRIBUTION: Started in 2016, SOHO operates a distribution company focusing on specialty goods that appeal to the mass population in Cambodia. The company has established exclusive distribution agreements with well recognized companies, such as Sprayway, maker of a wide range of professional cleaners and known for producing "The World's Best Glass Cleaner".

SERVICES: Launched in 2018, SOHO Diversified Holdings services division encompasses E-Commerce, Financial and Construction services. SOHO MALL and SOHO CLUB are two services providing local consumers a convenient way to purchase quality branded goods online and an easy way to pay for it. SOHO MALL features convenient shipping, pick-up and return options for purchases and a 100% authenticity guarantee for all items. SOHO CLUB will provide consumers of all ages mobile payment solutions that will make it easy for them to spend and access their cash. SOHO Diversified Builders provides retail design, fit-out and construction services for many of the top international brands setting up shop in Cambodia.