Betula sandals and thongs aren’t just gorgeous; they’re good for your feet conforming to your foot and absorbing shock without discomfort in the tradition of cork-based footwear.

Betula footbeds are optimised to promote good posture and a healthy gait while still keeping your feet feeling fresh and comfortable.

One of the most unique features of Betula footbeds is the air pocket layer, a stratum of pliable, porous foam that helps the insole conform to your foot. Whether you’re running on the beach, going to work on a hard concrete footpath or walking a rocky trail in the outback, Betula footwear lets you do it in style and ease.

Betula makes a concerted effort to ensure that its sandals and thongs aren’t just excellent products in their own right, but are also made in an environmentally sound way and produced under not just ethical, but enjoyable working conditions.

After all, happy and proud shoemakers are bound to make the best footwear. We’re proud to offer a variety of Betula sandals with plenty of choices for colour, pattern and strap design, as well as some simply elegant thongs for any possible occasion. Browse through our selection now and put your feet at ease once and for all.

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