Oxygen was launched in 1996 as a t-shirt brand offering graphic designs to a purely male market. Since then, it has grown to a brand that expanded its merchandise offerings to include men’s and ladies’ clothing, accessories and fragrances in key locations all over the Philippines.

Today, Oxygen stands for attractiveness and desirability, brought about by stylish clothes suitable for the psyche of its market. It targets the younger generation who enjoy their independence.

To date, there are over 78 Oxygen locations in the Philippines and other international locations.

Oxygen offers a wide range of casual wear that is edgy, fashion forward and undeniably sexy.

The brand also has an extensive and still growing collection of accessories that complement the clothes—from bags, belts, wallets, and caps to fashion jewelry and fragrances.

Taking their brand positioning to heart, the shopping experience in an Oxygen store is greatly enhanced by a cutting edge store design and effective visual merchandising that create a hip atmosphere suited to its target market.

For more information, please visit: www.oxygenfashion.com

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